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Pollution is the introduction of a contaminant into the environment. Pollution is caused by industrial and commercial waste, agriculture practices, everyday human activities and most notably, modes of transportation. No matter where you go and what you do, there are remnants of pollution. Pollution has a detrimental effect on any living organism in an environment, making it virtually impossible to sustain life.

The atmosphere is a floating storage of gases and water vapors. We inherited an atmosphere created by the nature. This atmosphere with exact quantity of oxygen, nitrogen and Carbon dioxide is our life line. Of late, the atmosphere became polluted basically with various emissions from industrial process and fuel fired vehicles.

As with all natural processes, air has been provided with means to cleanse itself. The water cycle is a good cleanser of atmospheric air by way of evaporation and precipitation. These two processes together scrub the air thoroughly. We witness the end result of such cleansing in the form of acid rain where there is large concentration of Sulfur oxides.. Air pollution becomes unmanageable when pollutant load is large enough to get diluted or cleaned by natural processes.

Air pollution is caused by natural disturbances such as volcano eruption, earthquakes, forest fire as well as human activities such as industrial processes and vehicular emissions. Surprisingly, no creation other than human being, add significantly to air pollution load. On the other hand, they help in mitigating pollution in their own way. Animals eat away all their kills leaving bones which helps in fertilizing the land with Calcium and Phosphate. Birds have also similar schedules. The greenery consumes Carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen thus improving the air quality. They also absorb and adsorb particulate pollutants. Solar radiation disintegrates many pollutants. Infrared and ultraviolet extremes of solar radiation have great power of annihilating pollutants though these have some contrary contributions too. The moon also plays its little role. The tidal waves catalyzed during full moon period, absorb pollutants floating above the sea.

Air contamination is such convergence of strong, fluid or vaporous substance including clamor and scent that may make impedance of well being or uneasiness living animals including individual, plant, property or condition. There are guidelines that determine allowable constraint of centralization of distinguished poisons in the air.


The environment is a skimming stockpiling of gases and water fumes. We acquired an environment made by the nature. This climate with careful amount of oxygen, nitrogen and Carbon dioxide is our life line. Of late, the air became dirtied essentially with different emanations from modern cycle and fuel terminated vehicles.

Likewise with every single regular cycle, air has been given intends to purify itself. The water cycle is a decent chemical of barometrically air by method of dissipation and precipitation. These two cycles together clean the air altogether. We witness the final product of such purging as corrosive downpour where there is enormous convergence of Sulfur oxides.. Air contamination becomes unmanageable when poison load is sufficiently enormous to get weakened or cleaned by normal cycles.


Air contamination is brought about by characteristic aggravations, for example, spring of gushing lava ejection, quakes, woodland fire just as human exercises, for example, modern cycles and vehicular emanations. Shockingly, no creation other than individual, add altogether to air contamination load. Then again, they help in relieving contamination in their own particular manner. Creatures consume every one of their slaughters leaving bones which helps in treating the land with Calcium and Phosphate. Winged creatures have likewise comparative timetables. The greenery devours Carbon dioxide and breathe out Oxygen consequently improving the air quality. They additionally ingest and adsorb particulate toxins. Sunlight based radiation crumbles numerous contamination. Infrared and bright boundaries of sun oriented radiation have extraordinary intensity of obliterating toxins however these have some opposite commitments as well. The moon additionally assumes its little job. The tsunamis catalyzed during full moon period, retain poisons coasting over the ocean.

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